Jordan Glass Arts

my story


                                          "My biggest dream is to always dream bigger" - John Jordan   

     This is John Jordan's philosophy and credo. John was a dreamer from the very start. Before John found visual art he was emersed in the performing arts as up and coming cellist. His dream was to play Carnegie Hall, so he practiced, practiced, practiced and got his chance while he was just in high school! But John didn't just want to play other'smasterpieces he wanted to make his own. So instead of playing music John went on to create visual music.      

      John would dream about glass at an early age when his dad would bring home vases that he had made. John's curiosity for the medium was finally satisfied when John was fifteen and he took his first class at the Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI) with his father, once John took his first gather into the 2000ºF furnace he hooked. John started to hone his technique at the Bay Area Glass Institute and soon began apprenticing under Artist Randy Strong. Randy became John's mentor and help John Dream bigger.Randy recommended the University of Texas at Arlington's Glass program where John is working toward His Bachelor of Fine Arts  degree with a concentration in glass. John hopes to go on toward a Master of Fine Arts as well, so he could share his passion with others through teaching and help them realize their dreams as well.    

      John is vigorously trying to realize his own dreams in glass. Besides studying glass in college, John has worked for and studied with other glass artists such as Dean Bensen, Jaime Guerrero, Kent Lauer and others to help him learn new techniques and possibilities in glass to help create some of his ideas. One of those ideas was Caged Desire, John's first exhibited work, which won international acclaim at the glass art society conference. For John's Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition John is looking at making a functional glass electric cello with his father. For more info on the cello, and to donate to the project please go to hatchfund at John has more plans and will continue to keep dreaming and making those dreams into realities. He hopes you'll dream along with him and thanks you for joining him at such a fascinating time in his up and coming career!